Clear Govt Job Exam With Or Without Coaching Following These 5 Basic Tips

Cricket is not the only thing Indian youth is passionate about; it’s Govt job as well. Well, you must be knowing the competition level these days, especially when it comes to clear IAS and PSU exam. The competition level is so high that for some students it takes around 3 to 5 years to win the job in the Govt sector, or fails poorly even after many attempts. So, if you are one of them or going to appear first time in any Govt job exam, here I will provide you with five basic mantras to clear Govt job exam in first two attempts. Don’t take it lightly, whatever I’m going to share in this post is basic stuff, but when taken seriously you will be able to experience the magic.

So, without wasting any more time let’s proceed to get familiar with 5 mantras and clear Govt job exam…

5 Mantras To Clear Govt Job Exam With Success

Mantra #1: Get Familiar With Syllabus And Work On It | An Essential Weapon To Clear Govt Job Exam

Clear Govt Job Exam With Or Without Coaching Following These 5 Basic Tips

The syllabus is something that defines both difficulty and strategy that you need to clear Govt job exam. Thus, never overlook or underestimate the power of syllabus if you seriously want to clear Govt job exam. It is essential that you analyse and update yourself with the syllabus declared for the exam by officials. Also, it is not about getting familiar with the syllabus; you will have to work on chapters and topics to master them. Most importantly, don’t ever try to skip topics or to take any shortcuts, these approaches will make your way complex towards clearing Govt exam.

Mantra #2 Make Strategy, Timetable And  Practice | The Keys To Clear Govt Job Exam

You will have to work and practice a lot before you enter the exam hall. Make sure to focus on every topic included in the syllabus.  Also, practice on a daily basis. Practice will not only help you to master the syllabus, but It will also help you learn time management. Time management is another factor that keeps many candidates away from clearing Govt job exam. So, start with making a strategy that how you are going to approach, then define a timetable that you will follow till exam, and then start working and practising. That’s it.

Mantra #3 Coaching Classes and Notes| The supportive Element To Clear Govt Job Exam

No doubt, more than 70% of candidates prefer to enroll in coaching programs to master their skills and exam syllabus. Nothing wrong in that, in fact, that’s the supportive element that can make things easier to clear Govt job exam. However, you will have to focus on things, prepare notes and learn thoroughly. Whenever you get back from coaching classes, make sure to recall everything at home and extract essential points that you learnt on that particular day in coaching class. It will help you to organize your exam cracking weapons appropriately and use them to clear govt job exam.

Mantra #4: Revise Syllabus And Solve Previous Years Papers| The Key To Master Syllabus and Clear Govt Job Exam

Make sure that you complete the entire syllabus at least one month before the exam schedule. It will help you to relax, revise syllabus and boost your confidence level. Collect previous year question papers and solve them. That is the best approach to understand exam pattern and psychology. This is the critical period that you will have to utilize wisely to explore the syllabus thoroughly and boost your skills. Once you are done with #4 mantra, you are 90% ready to appear and clear Govt job exam.

Mantra #5: The Final Exam | Use All Your Weapons Here And Clear Govt Exam

Clear Govt Job Exam With Or Without Coaching Following These 5 Basic Tips

Finally, it’s exam time. Forget everything other than what you have prepared. Also, remember that nothing is going to work now other than what you have learnt in the last few months or year. So, give your best, focus on every question, solve and answer. Also, if you get stuck somewhere, it is good to skip that part and answer those you know. Be confident and in  relaxed mood. That’s it. You’re done and hopefully you will clear govt job exam.


So, that’s all about how you can clear Govt job exam. Just follow these mantras and I’m sure you will win the job. Keep following us to get more such tips and posts. Also, read our job post notification page,Bank Jobs, Engineering Jobs, PSU Jobs etc. to get familiar with recent notification. All the best.