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Washija is a content specialist. She has an MBA in Tourism and a passion for creating web content. She is an avid reader, a traveler, and a versatile writer. She has been writing on the topics of education, career advice, and related areas for the past 3 years.

Top Qualities of a Leader

There is no one way to define leadership. But in the simplest terms, a leader plays the dominant role in a group and guides the other members towards the accomplishment of specific goals. This, however, is a very…

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Most Frequently Asked Data Structure Interview Questions

A data structure is an essential part of computer systems. It is a compilation of data values, the connections among them, as well as the functions that can be applied to the data. Essentially, it is a particular…

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Build Workplace Synergy | Skills Required For Teamwork

A human brain is capable of doing many things, however, sometimes it is difficult to take critical decisions alone. Seldom it needs a little guidance from people to come up with a solution. And when people come together…

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Resume Headlines for Freshers & Experienced | Tips & Examples

The goal of a resume is to grab an employer’s attention by proving you are the perfect fit for the job. And the best way to make your resume eye-catching is by adding a resume headline. A resume…

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8 Ways to Successfully Make a Career Change

A change in career will seem intimidating to someone who has not done it before. There are many reasons why people seek a career change. Maybe they have developed new interests that they wish to include in their…

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