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how is life in corporate sector ?

Questionshow is life in corporate sector ?
Dinesh Maurya asked 2 years ago

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5 Answers
Pragya Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Dinesh,
this all depends on corporate where you are working. 
It may be comfortable, may be exhausting, may be interesting. It all depends
Like we have a wonderful environment at freejobpoint 😉

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Amit Kumar Staff answered 2 years ago

there is corporate like environment in corporate sector. 

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Ritu answered 1 year ago

This totally depends on MNC where you are working. If you are working in Private Limited Company or growing company then there will be more work. Because new startups try to take out your juice and try to take best from you.
Comparatively in MNCs you have better life style. You have to be strict to your PDC. Manager will ask you to complete the project/task by a certain date. Nobody will be bothered how much you are working. There are good pay & perks in MNCs. 
In conclusion it all depends on the MNC/Company you are working in and of course your boss is also a life changing factor.

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Kriti Kumawat answered 1 year ago

Coporate life is awesome…. 
It really differs from person to person.
There are various employees in corporate sector from Security Guard to General Manager. All are having life in corporate sector. But this totally depends from individual to individual. Like a Security Guards may or may not be performing hard duties. On other hand a general manager may be having comfortable life financially but may be having so much burden on his head. 
So, It is hard to define.

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Chanchal Bansal answered 1 year ago

Love is life…..

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